Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas is in the air!!!

Anthony and I put up the Christmas tree up this last Sunday (3rd) we got a pretty tree from JcPenny home store its 6 1/2 feet long and I just love it!!! I seen all the other girls Christmas trees on Pixies and they are so full of pretty ornaments so, on Sunday I am going to get some more decorations out and fill it all up! We finally bought a Christmas train to go around the tree as well this year...since I am selling Avon I bought the one from Avon and it's sooooo adorable. I have wanted a train for such a long time now and I finally got one WOOT! Here are two pics one with the lights off and another with my doggie fluffy sitting under it...she's so funny she must have liked it because she kept going under it. Unless I have her trained and she new I was going to want a pic with her in it with the tree. haha!

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Anonymous said...

girlie! your tree is so pretty! And look at little Fluffy sitting there all cute! love it!