Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blog Challenge - Someone In Need

There is this little boy of a family that I know. If I could do something I'd try to get his parents counseling or try to find a new home for him. His parents are both alcoholics and they are always fighting. This little boy is only 2-4 years old and its so sad because even he doesn't want to go home because he says my mom and dad always fight. It's really sad. I can just imagine this little boy gets no attention in his home. But, there is really nothing I can do because of the drama of it all. I don't think it would be worth it on my part to much to deal with. But if I had the money and the power I probably would try.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya. There is always drama in situations like this. So sad!!

beckster said...

what you can do is make time for him and be like a big sister. im sure every minute he could spend with you would be awesome for him! and you are great for thinking of a child!!!