Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Eve

Today Anthony and I woke up early and headed out around 10:30 to Edith's house (I used to babysit her 4 girls when I was in High School). Vanessa was down from San Jose and Vanna was down from Portales so I got to visit with them for a while. It was really nice. I can't believe how grown up Vanessa and Vanna are. And the twins OH MY they are soo tall...a few inches more and they will be as tall as I am! I feel soo old knowing that I used to babysit them when Juanita and Mariah were still in how time flies. I made all the girls these little gifts with little avon lotions, shower gel and chapsticks...

Edith gave me some really cute snowmen that she made out of pots and some brownie mix.

We stayed there and visited for about 2 hrs then headed to Belen to visit Anthonys parents for a while. We gave them their gifts and they gave us a card with money. We got home around 3ish and cleaned the house because my parents were coming over to open gifts. At around 6pm we went over to my parents house for dinner. They made turkey, mac n cheese, mashed potatos, veggies, bread, chili and salad. WOW the Turkey was the best I have EVER eaten it was so tender and juicy YUM!!!! After we ate dinner we all came over to my house to open gifts. We planned it that way because my Mom didn't put up a tree till the last minute and most of the gifts were here. So we made hot cocoa sat around the tree and opened gifts. There was paper EVERYWHERE! we had such a fun time opening gifts and laughing and talking. I got lots of cool gifts...

  • an electric toothbrush by oral B

  • a scale

  • some piggies for my kitchen

  • camera

  • The little Mermaid movie

  • money

I had a great Christmas eve night with the family! Fluffy even opened her own bones! Dixie usually does to but she wasn't feeling good so she was under my chair sleeping the whole time.

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Lindsey said...

omigosh, those snowmen are adorable! sounds like you had a great Christmas!