Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I went Shopping!!!!

I got up at around 9 this morning and WOW that snow looked soooo pretty all just laying there on the ground but then as the day went by it started to melt away. Anthony was gone off to work I assumed. Then about 1/2 later he was back home telling me that there was no work today because the roads were so icy. WOO HOO! I thought shopping day for me! The doggies got groomed and I got ready. About 1 or 2pm me and Anthony headed out to the dollar tree to go pick up some more wisks we only found 2. We went to eat at Tastee Freeze it was yummy I had a chicken basket. Headed then to Walgreen for some Hersey kisses then finally to Fashion Bug. There were lots of clearance racks and I never find anything on sale but I thought I'd look anyways...I got lots of shirts to try on and a pair of jeans. I ended out picking about 5 shirts and the pair of jeans. I was so happy I never find jeans that fit me there but I did this time! Anthony had given me $100 bucks to spend so I could buy clothes for Christmas. I paid $80 bucks for everything then went next door to Big 5 to see if I could find some shoes. I got these New Balance ones they are white with gray and pink trim I like them! They were on sale for $39 reg. $80. I came out really good on everything today.

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harleyangel said...

I really need some new stuff too! At least a pair of jeans and some new comfy winter shoes, I'm gonna go look tomorrow at the sales!! Good job girlie!!