Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas


Today was a fun day...Anthony and I got up a little late and was a little late getting to Gary's house (my cousin). All the Dad's family was getting together there to eat and open gifts. We didn't get there till about 12:30PM. We all sat around ate some really good food. Turkey, beans, tamales, enchiladas and so much more. After everyone was done eating Gary sat next to the tree and started handing out gifts. Tara (my cousins) boyfriend Ricky picked me this year and got me to little wooden boxes...I will probably use one of them for jewelry boxes and maybe alter the other. I will have to look at it a little better and see if its do-able. Berlinda (my aunt) got Anthony...blah!!! She gave him some bear bread mix, peanuts, a candy snowman bar, a little calendar (like you put inside your purse) and 2 lottery tickets and THATS IT!!! Everyone was suppose to at least spend $25 dollars and she didn't spend that on him at all. She pulls this crap year after year and its just wrong. I am not at all trying to sound greedy but if you agree to be in the gift exchange and spend $25 then spend it its not that hard. We always buy more then that and so does everyone else. She never does and because of this we will not be picking names with anyone its just not right and if she ever picks me and pulls that I would be very MAD and will say something. Poor Ant he was disappointed. We left Gary's around 6PM to come home and met with Doug and Sandie they wanted to drop off our gifts. They came by and we opened our gifts they got Anthony a basketball goal and a 49ers hoodie. I got a $40 gift card to hobby lobby and some little piggies for my kitchen. When they left we headed on back to Gary's house they had a bomb fire we hung out and talked and then came home.

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