Monday, October 23, 2006


I think in my whole life I have never had as much excitement as I did this last year the Summer in September of 2006. Anthony and I flew to San Jose to visit Jen go to the Beach for my first time and San Fran. On the last day that we were there we went to the beach in Santa Cruz (we also went the first day)...the wheather there was WONDERFUL it was probably around 70-80 deg. the air is just so clean you can breath so good there and all I kept telling Jen was awww its so fresh and she would laugh at me. Here in New Mexico it just seems so dry. But anyways back to the Cali. haha there are soo many pretty flowers everywhere its just so beauitful. So anyways on that last day Kira (Jen's daughter) me and Anthony went and stood in the water and watched the waves come in. Sometimes they would get higher and higher and we would get more and more wet We had a blast just standing there for about an hour or longer just laughing our little heads off and was so much fun. The water was sooo cold. I sometimes sit here and think...why couldnt that day just last forever? It was probably the most exciting time of my life..or one that I can remember clearly right now because I never stop thinking about it. The ocean is just an awesome sight. I love it!

This last weekend I was at the crop at Memory Lane (my lss) and I was getting ready to scrap the pics from the Cali trip and all I could do while I went through the 200 pics that I had was smile...the beach makes me so happy and I want to go back NOW haha! I know for a fact it will be one of our vacations next summer. And untill then I will probably think about the days spend in Cali on the beach....


doll~ said...

Sweet! I am amongst the ranks of those who have never seen a beach as well... ahhh one day. Im glad that you have shared your excitement and I really love your beach layouts... :o)

Jen said...

Val, I think about you daily, and think Val and Ant would love this sunset, or they would love the view today. I am truely greatful for our friendship and the time you had with us here was wonderful. You made Kira feel like a princess and Ant was a wonderful person for going on the rides with her! You two mean the world to us, and we can't wait to have you guys back, we already have a different plan instore for all of us!
We gotta get Angi out here with us!!! That way the three of us can play on the beach!!!!!!
I love you sweet girl!

beckster said...

awwww val! im so happy that your trip meant so much to you! maybe someday i will get to see that ocean. the other one is awesome, i know that much!!!