Saturday, December 09, 2006

Longggg weekend

This was a very long weekend...Friday I left with my Mom and Grandma Christmas shopping at about 9am. It was a LONG day with them two crazy shopping women haha! But it was fun. I got a few more gifts for Anthony so that was good. Bree called me around 4:00-4:30 to say she was on her way to the hotel. So when we got all done at the mall we headed over and my Mom dropped me off at the Mariott. I had never stayed there at that hotel and WOW it was awesome...the rooms were so comfy! BIG huge pillows and down comforters and bath and body shampoo/conditioner and body wash it was awesome! And the beds were SUPER soft...just like one big fluffy cloud. Bree and I gave eachother Christmas gifts and opened them all up...she got me some cute things and I loved the glittery basket and the photo frame of us its so cute! its all great THANK YOU BREE your so sweet! After we opened our gifts we started taking out all our scrap goodies. I made a few tag sets and Bree worked on a Scrapbook for a client...we had that room FULL of goodies it was so much fun. We talked and laughed. We ordered room service because we didnt want to go anywhere we had these yummy club sandwiches and a DELICIOUS caramel apple pie OMG it was to die for!!! Then we went on and scrapped more finally about 1am we were so tired and picked up all our mess and off to our clouds hehe! I woke up around 9:30 or so. Bree was in the shower and then when she got out I got in. At 11am she took me down the road to met MaryJane at the church we met at once a month to scrap with the craft girls. I worked on a few more tag sets till about 4pm. Anthony picked me up and I went to get my hair cut...I love it I cut about 2 1/2 inches off she had combed it so cute. Of course I cant do the same thing she did but oh well I still love it got all those lose stringy hairs out of the way! Anthony and I headed to Applebee's for dinner and went to a few stores. I was so tired I dont know how I made it to the stores but I did haha! What a great weekend it was!

Oh and I didn't take ANY pics of us scrapping I sooo regreat it now :(


Anonymous said...

OMG I wanna order room service too! I never have? Isn't that silly? lol. Sounds like you had so much fun!

beckster said...

wow. sounds like you had a blast! shame on you for not taking pictures. tisk tisk tisk. :)

Cat said...
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