Monday, December 11, 2006

Another long day

Today, Anthony and I got up around 7:30 and got ready to go take our Christmas pictures at Jc Penny. Our appt. was at 10:20. My brother met us there also so I could also take pictures with him also since we never really had them done together before. We got there and we went into where they take the pictures. I was kind of bugged because they didn't have alot of Christmas backgrounds to choose from just a gold christmas tree with green ugly background and a fireplace BORING! So we just took it in front of white. I think that it was very unprofessional for it being a professional studio. The girl was like sit here and put your arm here and thats it. She didnt even tell us to sit stright to have our heads stright or anything. After we were done taking the pictures we went to look at them on the computer. I really didnt like them our heads were turned weird ways and just were not right. I picked two of the ones that I liked and that was it. Mine and my brothers were about $18 and mine and Anthonys were $27. I don't know if I should call and complain or just leave it since it was so cheep. I got all the pictures sent to me online which wont be online between 7-10 days. I was so unpleased with them I know I will never go back.

When we were done there Anthony and I headed to the cricket place to get me a new phone since our t-mobile phones will be shut off on the 30th. It's just so expensive for me to keep that service alone. So blah I have to go back to Cricket which isnt bad because its only $50 but the phones totally suck! I ended out getting one and it wasnt working right. I took it back they traded it out for me and we left and that one wasnt working either. I called and he said for me to take it back and he would give me the money back. So I guess he didnt need the money lol. I took it back and got my money then we went to the main cricket store and I ended out getting the Nokia 6165i. I really don't like it but I don't really have a choice. I guess I will get used to I am going to miss my razor phone.

When we were done with that we went to Anthony's Dr apt and finally were done at around 5:30pm. Came home and watched the Wizard of Oz and now almost ready for bed. I hope tomorrow I can scrap and rest a little...I am beat!


Anonymous said...

sounds like another busy day girl! I bet you will sleep well tonight!

beckster said...

i'll take your pictures. hehehe. sounds like that place needs new management or something. dumb jerks.