Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Resolutions! (Blog Challenge)

WOW I can't believe its almost 2007! Where does the time go??? I had a really GREAT year I'd have to say...I met two awesome girls in person. One was Jen and the other is Bree. We have become really close and had lots of fun together. Bree and I met in Feb. I went to a class up at Memory Lane. She was teaching the class and we both just started chit chatting and since then have become very close friends, talk all the time and now shes having my baby hahaha JK! Jen came to visit back in April. We stayed over at the Hilton in Albuquerque, went to the stamping convention, Santa Fe, ate yummy food and had a blast. And now shes about to have my baby as well LOL! Then in November Anthony and I flew out to visit Jen and her family. It was the first time visiting San Jose and the first time at the beach and It was awesome and Jen and her family treated us like a queen and king. At this time we also visited Santa Cruz (which I LOVE) and San Francisco.

In the last year I also have made great friends with a few other girls on Pixies and am very thankful for all of your friendship and hoping to met you all in Vegas in (April) 2007! In the last year I also have lost 3 of my what I thought were my "best friends" at one point and losing them meaning we just stopped talking or was a bunch of drama included. Which I think was better for me in the long run because I don't need all the drama in my life. But other then that I have had a GREAT and FUN year and hoping this next year is even better!

I have been thinking of some New Year Resolutions and here they are...

  1. lose weight
  2. exercising
  3. eat healthy
  4. make apt for Dr's I've been avoiding
  5. meet the pixie girls

I believe I can do all of this if I just put my heart and soul into it..This last few weeks my Mom found out she had diabetes and it really scares me and if I can avoid it I need to and get up and better myself this next year. I never made Resolutions but I am ready and willing to stick to these top 5 and I am gonna win hehe!


beckster said...

WOO HOO!!! maybe after i meet you i can have your baby too!!! hahaha. wouldnt that be cool!?!?!?! you will do good with your resolutions becuase i will make you! EAT BREAKFAST!!!! hehehehe LOVE YA!!!

doll~ said...

Sweetheart I wish you the best in your goals for the new year and always... I love you! ;o)

harleyangel said...

girl I can't wait to see you!!! You have been such a positive gift in my life this year. I am so greatful to call you my friend. I know you can accomplish those goals and I'm always here for you :) love ya Val.

Shannon Schafer said...

Hey Val! Great resolution list!!! Adding you to my favorite blogs list too! :)