Monday, August 28, 2006

The Best and Bad Memory of Elementary

I think the worst memory I have of my elementary school years was when I was in the 3rd grade. My teachers name was Mrs. Vahn! She was a mean old hag! She used to always have me sitting next to her desk and putting me over her knee and spanking us kids with a ruler when we were bad. I spend most of my recesses on the wall....ugh she was so bad! Then all the parents finally got together with the principal and had her fired she was sooo bad. She was so old that my Dad had her as a teacher when he was in Elem. School LMAO

My best memory in elementary school was when I was in the 6th grade. I liked this boy named Phillip Trujillo he was soo cute! I remember we used to sit on the tires during lunch together....I think he was more of a best friend then a boyfriend but we would sit there and talk about all kinds of fun stuff. Then in High School OH BABY that boy was a hottie! hehe!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Whats that thumping noise coming from my trunk...

One Saturday afternoon Jen and I planned to go shopping at the mall and for a long drive down by the beach. She lives 2 houses down from me so she walks over when she finished getting ready. I told her we could take my car so we can go crusing in fashion with the top down (im dreaming that I can drive here haha) She arrives at my house . I came down stairs and told her lets head on out. So we get in my car we are driving down by the beach on the way to the mall. They have a SUPER scrapbook store in there so we are super excited to go shop till we drop! So we are cruzing down the road and I hear a loud thumping noise and I said what is that noise??? shes said oh nothing just keep I kept driving about 5 mins later I hear the noise again. So I pulled over to check and make sure I didnt get a blow out or have a flat tire. I get down and Jen stays in the car calm as ever. And here I am freaking out because of the loud noise I just heard. Nothing was wrong with the car! she said it was probably nothing get back in the car and lets go. So I am about to get back in the driver seat and I hear the LOUD THUMP again. It was coming from the trunk!!! I told her OH MY that noise is coming from the trunk what could it be? She said Val I got something to tell you! I said ok what? She said the damn post man has not brought me my color swap in over 2 weeks and I have been waiting and waiting and I am done dealing with the stress the postal service they suck and hes going to pay!!!! (LOL) I was like OMG you have the mailman in my trunk are you crazy??? she said well yea I am crazy but that's besides the point I am so sick of them!!! So I get the keys and open the trunk and out pops this HOT MAILMAN. I am like U PUT HIM IN THE TRUNK??? HE IS FREAKIN HOT!!! So I tell him to get in the car and that I would take him back to his mail truck....hes all I have a better idea lets all go take a swim down at the beach. He said I am pretty HOT now that I have been in that truck for a good hour or so. So we go down to the beach and swim with the hottie mail man.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Favorite Layout..

Well since I have been Scrapping I will have to say that my favorite layout so far is the one of Anthony and I. I just Cherish this man to death lol. He's soooo darn good to me and we get along so good! He makes me so happy. I did this layout for a contest in June-July for a contest on Mysapce for scraphappy group and WON!!! got lots of cool scrapping goodies for it.

My Dream Vacation...

I would have to say that my dream vacation would forsure be Hawaii. My boyfriend, Anthony and his best friend went last Decemeber (2005) to see Moltey Crue in concert and he came back and told me all about it and even took tons of pics!!! It sounds and looks sooo amazing. He told me about the tours they take you on to see the HUGE waterfalls. A place where you can go and swim with the dolphins and about the Dole plant where they plant all the pineapples. He said that when they passed that it smelled sooooo good!!! like pineapples. Him and his friend are talking about going again this December. I dont know if its going to happen but IF it does we will be going with them and my dream will come true but for now I will continue dreaming of this amazing place!

Here is a picture of him on the ocean when they went out there....

Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Dream come true?!?!?!

Well I'll start off with my fairy tale dream haha! one that maybe could come true in the future but if it doesn't oh well kind of dream...I dream of one day owning my own Scrapbooking store and teaching people to do this wonderful hobby and all the tricks and sell them all kinds of awesome papers and embelishments.

And as for my other dream just for my family and me and all my close friends to live a healthy,, safe and happy life. A few years ago something really scary happened to my Dad to where I almost lost him and it was so hard dealing with that and things in 2 years might get crazy again for my family and all I do is hope and pray we will all be ok. (sometime when It comes up to write about it in our blogs I will let you all know what it is!) but for now thats about it!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My dream about the Angels...

I am not sure what kind of dream you would call this...its kind of scary but at the same time I feel blessed because I knew where I was headed??? not sure but here it goes...

When I was in the hospital in Nov 1999 as some of you know I was in a coma for 1 week after I got out of that I moved to intensive care in the hospital where I was watched very closely because I was so critical still...finally about a month later I was moved into my own room at the hospital. I didn't remember this dream/vision untill after my Mom told me about it and I started to think about it. My Mom stayed with me in the hospital every single night/day I was there (for 6 months) she would make a bed on the floor next to me. Every night my Mom would light a candle in the room and play music by enya it would just make me relaxed and just rest really good. Anyways on to the dream I remember this like it was so real and what was weird is I was really talking to my Mom and she was talking back to me...and I can remember this. I was dreaming about angels and they were little kid angels it was a 4 way stop light and I was on one corner and the angel kids were on the other side of the street...they were calling me and asking me if I wanted to go play with them. I was asking my Mom (in real life) If I could go play with them and I remember my Mom was telling me you can go play but dont go with them you come back! I just remember them smiling at me and saying come on come play with us...and thats all I remember...a few months after I got out of the hospital my Mom asked me if I remembered me talking to her asking her if I can go play with the Angels. At first I did not remember this but the more I think and go back to that night I remember it was so real and what was so weird I was really asking my Mom...this gives me the chills so bad and makes me cry because I feel I was really almost there in Heaven and not be sitting here today sharing this with you and I am so greatful for my life and all the people in it.