Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

I didn't wake up till about 10am this morning. I couldn't beleive I slept that late. Last night I didnt go to bed till about 1. My dumb computer kept giving me trouble and wouldnt let me check my email. I did the update for yahoo and what do you know it WORKED! Anyways, It was really cloudy and all and about 1 hour later it started snowing!!! It was sooo pretty! I got some pictures of it all from when it started till it finished at around 4:45pm. Here is the last picture I took we got about 5-6 inches. I just know tomorrow it will all be melted and muddy but for now I just love it!

I am a little worried for my brother him and a few friends left Sat evening to colorado to go snow boarding. They were to come back today. Since all the snow I am a little worried and hope they are ok on the road. I talked to my Mom this afternoon and my brother lost the keys to his truck so he had to have his truck towed into town and get another key made for his truck. Both his phone and his friends phone were dead...not very smart since the weather is this way and they may need them for emergency...ugh BOYS! I guess he had a little charge on his phone called my mom and told her they were sleeping in the truck tonight because of the weather or whatever and they didn't have money. I really wish he would have called me I would have gotten him a room. I don't know the whole story so who knows I just hope they are ok and warm!

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