Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Took Dixie to the Vet

Last week I made an apt for Dixie to go to a new Vet. My brother told me that Tyson's dad is a Veterinarian so I thought I'd try him out. The old one is just not doing it and it seems like Dixie is getting worse. So this morning Anthony and I took her to Arrow Animal Hospital in Los Lunas. Dr. Cosper was great he told us all these different things that could be wrong with her and the things he noticed that needed to be taken care of but that were not something that had to be done right now. She has a tumor in her mouth and her teeth need to be cleaned really bad but since that is not really important right now he wanted to do an X-ray and some blood work to make sure her kidneys, liver and all that was ok and to make sure that she didn't have heart failure of some sort. For the past few days I was so worried about her and didn't think she would make it or we would have to put her down. We left her there for about 1hr and then went back. He came in with all the test and told us everything looked great except for a few things. Her heart is enlarged and she does have a toroid which is making her gain weight and smell really bad and also making her skin peel all over her body. He put her on 4 different medications.
  • Enalapril 5mg tab
  • Thyrosyn 4mg
  • Lasix
  • Digoxin

She is also on a diet. She is to eat 1 cup, twice daily of PVD OM overweight management dog food. This food is suppose to be the fastest and most resulful food for dogs to lose weight. She has a list of snacks she can eat. She weights 44 pounds right now but by April we are hoping to get her to 30 pounds. I can not even imagine Dixie being that small again haha! But it will be so nice and she will feel so much better! I can't wait till then. She has been so sluggish and you can just tell she doesn't feel good at all. I have to take her back in 2 weeks to weight her in so we shell see how shes doing then and if she lost any weight. Fluffy can also eat this food which makes it easier for us. I have to go into the Vet on Sat and take a picture of Dixie to hang on the wall with all the other little doggies that are doing this diet also. Its so cute they have before and after pictures of some of the dogs that have lost weight. I can't wait for Dixie to get to her goal.

When we were done at the Vets office we went and met Gary, Anna, JoJo and My Grandmother at the new Train in Los Lunas. We rode it to Albuquerque and walked downtown to this little diner then walked some more. Ate some ice cream at cold stone. Then headed back to the train station to catch the train back home. It is very nice and very fast instead of driving to town. We had fun and I hope to get the pictures from Gary soon so I can post them here.

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