Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A little book with BIG hearts!

On my birthday every year it seems when I make it out to stop in and visit my old co-workers. To me that's one of the many perfect gifts to have on my birthday. Is to spend time with the special friends that I have known for about the last 9 years. I really need to get around to see them more and not just once a year. So on my last birthday (2007) I took my camera and took a picture with each and everyone that made it to lunch and this year for my birthday I had a cute little book that I made to share with them. Now I'm sharing it with you all.

I came across this quote today and thought it was a PEFECT quote for my post today.

"The Only People You Need in Your Life, Are the Ones That Need You in Theirs"

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Annapurna said...

Beautiful quote and beautiful book!