Monday, January 15, 2007

Scrapped till we almost dropped!

Last night/early this morning was so much fun! I met this girl Valerie from LifeJournal and we had been chit chatting on Yahoo for a couple weeks and we planned to get together and scrap. Monique got here around 6ish and Valerie showed up at around 7pm and we all started altering comp books. Then after we were done with that we all started our own projects. Monique left around 10pm. Valerie and I kept scrapping. I worked on my Cali trip and Valerie worked on a tag book for her Mom. I got 10 pages done and she got 25? tags done. We had a blast and finished scrapping at 4:30am haha! We were thinking to do this once a month at least but are already planning to do it in 2 weeks haha! I hope so it was LOTS of fun!

here are all the layouts in one bunch that I did


harleyangel said...

GIRL!! I so wish I was there with you guys!! You got so much done and looks like you had a blast!! awesome :)

beckster said...

better make sure you start earlier next time. hehehe. i love everything you got accomplished! YOU GO! hehehe

Taffy said...

Most definately doing that again.. I had such a blast.. although, i think around midnite or so, we need to drink some energy drinks.. and i was so diggen on your music library!! :) Heehee totally fun!! :)