Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Little Late Anniversary Posting!

Us 14 Years ago!

Us 14 Years later!

Feb. 8th was mine and my Hubby's 14 year anniversary! Since the very first day I met this guy he's been the light of my life and has been there for me though thick and thin! There is not a day that goes by that I'm blessed with him! I love him so very much!

This is a little something I made for him for this special day. He loves to go duck hunting and his bathroom is all decorated in ducks. So thought this could be a little something to add to it...

Every year we visit the Bosque Del Apache it's a wildlife refuge about 45 mins or so from our home town. We have been visiting this place since we first met and just about every year after that for the Festival of Cranes. This last year when we went we were reading about ducks and he was telling me about the "Coots". I never heard or I don't think seen one of these ducks before but the sign was funny because it said "That's some Coot!". We thought it was so funny so we say that all the time now and laugh...guess it's something you had to be there for haha!


Kim Burmeister said...

Happy Anniversary (a little late), Valerie! You two look so cute together. Great frame!

Lelia said...

Happy Anniversary, girlfriend!!! Hope it was a great one and that you have many more!


beadz said...

Happy Anniversary my friend! Your present turned out great!