Thursday, May 07, 2009

Flat Crescents Anyone? LOL!

Ok so everyone knows that I can only mess up crescents but then you ask How in the world can someone mess up Crescents from the Pillsbury tube? And no, I didn't burn them LOL! So let me tell you the story...Me and Trish decided to get together and stamp today since we hadn't gotten together in quit a while. I was really happy thinking I'll make chicken salad for lunch, choc chip cookies and jello with peaches...oh and I can't forget the YUMMIE strawberry cream tea that I bought from the tea store in Ruidoso! MMM GOOD! So I opened up the crescent rolls to make in the oven and 16-18 mins later I went to take them out and there were FLAT ummm so I left them a couple more mins thinking they need to rise and maybe it happens the last few mins lol! Well 2 mins pass by and they are still flat eeeek! ok so I don't know what happened...I called Trish and told her the story and if she could bring some rolls she said yes. She gets here and laughs and I told her I don't know what could have happened she then says well did you roll them or twist them..I said no, I didn't know you had to do that hahahaha! She tasted them and said they were good so we put the chicken salad ontop of the crescent and BOY were they YUMMIE! So next time you bake them crescents from the tube bake them flat haha! It's our new favorite!!!

We did make a card that was inspired from Mercedes Weber's blog here. Trish came across her blog one day and told me about it..Trish had the set so we made one just like it! Thank you Mercedes your card is beautiful!


CRYSTAL said...

Bwahahahahaha..I love the crescent story.... Great save using them to hold the chicken salad!!!

Trish said...

The chicken salad was wonderful! and I love the croissants just the way they were!

Thank you dear friend!

Love & Hugs