Tuesday, December 09, 2008

FINALLY posted....Another one of Jeff's AMAZING CREATIONS!

Ok, so if you all keep up with my blog...then you remember a few months back when I posted about the AWESOME ribbon holder Mr. Jeff made for me. And if your just recently started reading my blog or came across it this is it...

After receiving it in the mail and falling in love with this ribbon holder over and over again...I thought ok what else do I need for my craft room? My ink holder was getting a little full so I thought OH MY to have an ink holder to match with my ribbon holder and have them up on the wall side by side WOW! So I got a hold of Jeff told him what I wanted and he made it!!! Everything I asked for it was perfect...I fell in love all over again! EEEEP! I was really blessed to have met this creative man when I went on a family vacation back in Sept. and to pick up my ink holder from THE man! I really wish I would have gotten a picture with him. Anyways...here is the ink holder he made to match my ribbon holder...

It has 100 slots for the ink pads, a shelf for my ink refills (which I don't have a lot of yet), and an extra little shelf for whatever else I want.

and the two are finally on the wall side by side. Aren't they amazing?

So if you would like Jeff to make you one of these awesome creations here is the link to his site. http://creationsbyjeff.vox.com/ he also has other sizes of ink holders on his blog so go by and check his work out!

Thanks Jeff you ROCK!


Annapurna said...

These are way too cool. Wonder if Mr.Jeff makes something where the re-inker and marker go next to the pad. I will have to check it out after the new year.

Lise Roy said...

I am jealous!!lol!
You are a lucky girl!!
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.

Wish you a Happy Christmas and Happy New year.