Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Wreath

WOW! today has been such a long day for me. I was very busy making Christmas cards (since I waited till the last min.) and knew I had to get them out by tomorrow. I'm hoping they reach everyone by Christmas. So I finished all of those got some boxes packed and ready to mail. I even got 2 little Christmas gifts (which will be posted soon) made for the weight watcher leaders in the meeting I attend every week.

I haven't had time to post these pictures and I have been wanting to share them SO badly! A couple weeks ago Trish was able to come and make the wreaths we'd been planning on making for Christmas. We got the WONDERFUL inspiration & idea from Janine's blog here When we seen this wreath we knew we had to make them and so we did. We collected all the supplies and got to work! Both Trish and I made 2 each. We wanted one for ourselves of course and to make one for our parents. We had a blast making them and BOY did we have glitter from head to toe and we loved it! We both were all sparkly and so was everything else in my kitchen haha!


Janine said...

You two did a great job!

Kimmie0270 said...

Those are great! LOVE those stars!

Jaspere said...

Wow! I'm no where near that crafty. Great job.

the whimsical butterfly said... guys MADE these? I wouldn't even know where to start LOL. Great job and looks liek you had a lot of fun!!

Cheryl KVD said...

These wreaths are wonderful!!!! Awesome, awesome job!

Jeffrey said...

Hey! Nice work! And thank you for all of your kind words about my creations a couple of posts ago.

Lise Roy said...

Love them!

Janna said...

Too, too cute!!! Love it!!


Annapurna said...

Beautiful wreaths! I am so happy you have a friend like Trish who could come and play with you. You are looking good.

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas Card! Mine to you is on my blog (bad me).

Merry Christmas to you!