Saturday, February 09, 2008

We are ONE day closer....

for the release on Pink Cat Studio's NEW "Lily" stamps!!! I am so excited to post the two new sets that will be avalible to purchase tomorrow!

I made a card using ONLY one of many of my favorite stamps from the Lily stamp sets. This stamp comes from the "Lily and Tweet" set. Sorry for my crooked warm winter wish sentiment...It didn't look that crooked till I posted it haha! OH MY it looks really bad the more I look at it. EEEEK!

Today was a good day. Fluffy woke up kind of sore and not feeling to good from yesterdays vet visit. She is eating and drinking lots of water so thats a positive sign.

I went out and ran a few errands today. Before I left the house I called around to the Mike's stores to see if any of the two stores had the Making Memories - Desktop Carousel. Valerie (Taffy) told me about these awesome carousels and I just knew I needed one. The Mike's closer to me didn't have any in stock. I called the other and they did so I had them hold one for me just in case we had a chance to stop by. Well being that I have the bestest man in the world in my life he said we can go there to pick it up!!! I was so excited!!! have you all seen this thing its awesome! Here is a picture of one that I found online. I have got a few things in it so far but I am sure in no time it will be full!


harleyangel said...

EEEP I got it too girlie!! And I love that organize. Your winter card is SO cute hehe :)

Tammy said...

Oh my, I'm so jealous of your organizer! I would love to have one of those! Your card is adorable! Love the ribbon and the snowflake. And the blog looks great, too! (much easier to find everything!) :)

** Isa ** said...

Your card is so cute Valerie! Great organizer too!!!

Hugs xxx

Samm said...

Ahhh gorgeous work Valerie! love the carousel too! fab!

I searched on racking on ebay and was just lucky enough to pick my racks up. Just keep an eye out!!!!