Thursday, February 28, 2008

My stamping storage system

A while back I was checking out splitcoast stampers site and came across the thread that were talking about "How do you store your rubber stamps?". Right now I store my unmounted stamps in CD cases. It really drives me crazy that some of the sets don't fit into one CD case. So coming across this thread really intrested me to read on. I don't remember who the lady was that posted pics on how she stores hers but I LOVE it! So today I worked on storing mine the same way. I love it because the sets that I have actually fit on one side of the paper.

updated 3/5/08 - THANK You to the women that posted here on my comments about this! Sure enough! transparency film that is made with acetate will eat away your ez mount so make sure this is NOT how you store your stamps that are mounted to ez mount! I have contacted Sunday International about this and talked to Gary he is SO very nice! He asked me what size of the storage panels (that will be safe to store my stamps on and that they sell on their website) will I be needing and he also let me know that they will be carrying this size so that I and others can use this AWESOME system still to store stamps. I am SO very excited because this saves SO much space! I will be posting more about this boards REAL soon!

cut a piece of white card stock 5 1/2 x 7
cut a piece of transparency film at 5 1/2 x 7
used a glue stick (dries clear) onto one side of the card stock
stamped or put the stickers of the images on the card stock side
clinged my stamps to the transparent side

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


mnhyrkas said...

hey val! glad you are liking your new system. but be careful if you are using your UM on EZmount with acetate sheets. They will degrade the foam material that the EZ mount is made out of. I think I read the warning on the Sunday Int'l site (distributor of EZ mount). Just thought I'd let you know. but this is an awesome system if you are just using double stick tape or temporary liquid adhesive! takes up even less room than the cd cases, and easy to take to a crop or a friends house too.

Ana Baird said...

Great goodies!

Lesli said...

Great Storage System - TFS :)

The6ofusinca said...

Too cute!