Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Dream come true?!?!?!

Well I'll start off with my fairy tale dream haha! one that maybe could come true in the future but if it doesn't oh well kind of dream...I dream of one day owning my own Scrapbooking store and teaching people to do this wonderful hobby and all the tricks and sell them all kinds of awesome papers and embelishments.

And as for my other dream just for my family and me and all my close friends to live a healthy,, safe and happy life. A few years ago something really scary happened to my Dad to where I almost lost him and it was so hard dealing with that and things in 2 years might get crazy again for my family and all I do is hope and pray we will all be ok. (sometime when It comes up to write about it in our blogs I will let you all know what it is!) but for now thats about it!


Florida Girl said...

I would so love to own a Scrap book store myself - that is a truely pleasurable dream indeed

doll~ said...

Scrap stores rock... especially ones owned by friends... Shoot for the moon sweetie! ;)

beckster said...

own a store by me!!! and dont price things so stinking high like all the other stores do!!!

Jen said...

Your a wonderful person, and your family is amazing and your lcuky to have each other. Your in my prayers and thoughts all the time.