Thursday, September 01, 2011

Boo to You!!!

Hello & Happy Friday!

What a crazy day it was yesterday for us! My hubby ended out in the ER on top of that had to go to his pre-opt appointment and the fitting for his neck brace. He is scheduled for surgery next week to get his herniated disk fixed. Oh GOD I pray this takes most of the pain he is having away! I just need him back to himself. It's really sad seeing him suffer :( Please any prayers will be greatly appreciated by all!

Anyways, back to a good notes! The card I am sharing with you today is made of course by me using one of the newest stamps that will be released this month! The name of this stamp is called "witch" and is by Shannon Justice from the Lollipop Labs Studios. You can view and purchase it from the Queen Kat Designs store!

Thanks for visiting me today! Have a great day!

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