Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Card for my Dear Friend!

I made this card for a VERY dear friend of mine Mary Ann...I figured I needed to start making cards for people and actually send them out! I'm SO very bad about this! She received it loved it and even framed it...can you believe MY creation is up on someone's wall he he! I used to work with Mary Ann about 8 years ago at a law firm and we were very close friends..I do miss her so much and we recently had lunch together..boy it makes me wish we would have gotten together a lot more the last few years! I'm just so grateful for a wonderful friends! In fact, I'm blessed with SO many & I'm also blessed with a WONDERFUL family! I thank God for them each and every day and I'm so glad I will be spending tomorrow with them on this special Thanksgiving Day! I hope you all have a Blessed & Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless you all!!! Hugs!

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Anonymous said...

Your card is adorable!! I love the colors you used!! Blessings and Hugs!