Thursday, June 25, 2009


Trish called me yesterday and said what are you doing tomorrow (which was today) I said I'm not sure what are you doing? she said coming over! haha! She's so cute! I said WOO HOO! What are we gonna work on she said scrap booking! I said ok I'm all for it! I have been wanting to get into scrap booking so bad since I hadn't done it in the last 2 years or so...boy time flies! I needed to fix some letters that were falling off my Cali pages (thanks heidi swapp...all your sticky letters suck! haha!) So, I added glue to all the letters and then worked on 2 pages to add to my book...I forgot to take pictures of Trish's pages but she did a WONDERFUL job for not ever scrap booking! I'm hoping she posts them on her blog so you all can see the great work she did with them.

I have a few more pictures to finish my whole Cali scrapbook from the trip we took to go visit Jen and her awesome family back in Sept. 2006 so after I'm done with this book I'll start on my Cali trip when we visited back in Oct. 2007. I can't believe it's been 2 years since we were in Cali and it seems like just yesterday..I do miss my Jen Jen and her family and the beach!


The6ofusinca said...

Too cute Val!!!!!!! Great work! I miss you, we all miss you!!!!
Great your scrapbookin again! Funny you commented on Heidi Swapps sucky stickers!! hahahah!

Anne Hayward said...

Very nice. I'm not a scrapbooker, and I signed up to do the yearly scrapbook for a woman's group I belong to. It is taking me forever! I find scrapbooking very overwhelming. Your pages make it look very easy. Wanna help??