Thursday, February 05, 2009

What a WONDERFUL day I had!

I had soooo much fun today! I was invited to my FIRST ever tea party!!! I have wanted to do this for so long already and I was talking to one of my friends Christine one day and I don't remember what brought it up. She told me her and her stamping/neirbor/friends get together every so ofter for tea parties and I just thought that was SO cool! So she said that the next time they have one they will invite me and they did!!! Anne Marie had the tea party at her house. She had dropped off the most adorable invite here at my house last week. I took a picture to share it...isn't it so pretty???So we walked into Anne Marie's home and WOW the table was set up so beautiful. Cute little tea cups and yummy choc. dipped cherries, scones with lemon and some other kind of spread and chicken salad sandwiches and more sweets and more sweets! I couldn't believe my eyeballs!!! haha! (she's probably laughing at me reading this because I can't remember what kind of spread it was that she used but YUM! that's all I gotta say to it all! I'm so mad at myself that I took my camera and didn't take pictures it would have been so much fun scrapping my very first tea party! I so enjoyed it all so very much and the best of all was the company...Anne Marie, Tierza , Stephanie & Christine are all such wonderful ladies and I'm so BLESSED to have them all in my life! Thank you Anne Marie for ALL of that it was so awesome!

So as soon as I got home guess what I did? I got online searching for my own tea set hahahaha! I so want to have a tea party! It's so much fun!!!

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harleyangel said...

OMG that invite is SO adorable, and the tea party sounds like SOO much fun. My grammy in PA has a little tea party shop near her house and we went together once :)