Friday, October 17, 2008

Stress-Free Thrusday!

WOW it's been since the 7th that I have posted on blogger! I didn't think it had been that long. Things have been kind of crazy around here but, it's calming down (i hope). Me and Trish got together yesterday here at my house and sometime last week at her house so that means I've got LOTS to show you!

I'll first start off with the cards that we made last week. I recently purchased 2 of the newest stamps from Clear Dollar Stamp so we played with those first! I just LOVE these 2 new stamp sets! Trish will be posting the cards she made on her blog soon so be sure to visit!

Here are the projects we worked on yesterday. The little spider idea I got from who then got it from aren't these the cutest little spiders? And really simple to make. I bought a little Halloween tree that I want to put spiders on sometime before Halloween. For now I'm going to use them at my Pampered chef party this weekend for my guests to take.

These little tins I found at Targets dollar spot and new I had to alter some. The one with the ghost is mind and the other Trish altered.
These were some wooden plaques I purchases at the Dollar Tree a while back and thought we could decorate them for Halloween . The first one is mine and the 2nd is Trish's..I just LOVE the purple on hers it really makes it pop!

My Cali girl Jen Jen gave me these BIG ol' clothes pins a couple years ago and I never did anything with them so when Trish was here yesterday I decided to pull them out so we could alter them. Tink matches my room so you guessed it the tink is mine (Jen had just also sent me these tink embelisments a couple weeks ago so I had to use them.) Trish altered the other clothes pin.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend and thanks for visiting my blog!


Kimberly said...

Holy cuteness Batman!! You have been busy!! Darling stuff! I gotta say that I love the monkey sitting on the pumpkin!! The design on that card is fantastic!!!

craftyaly said...

You always make the cutest things! :)

The6ofusinca said...

Wow!!! Too cute!! Love the stamps, love the cards, love the spiders, love the plaques, love the clothes pins! man!!! thats alot of love baby!!!! How fun!!! You guys did a great job!
Jen (from Cali! ha!)

My Paper Adventures said...

Great stuff Val! I see you got the CD Stamps! Make sure to check out my blog starting Oct. 28for sneak peeks of Nov. sets :)

Annapurna said...

I love Tink. These are all so cute. I love what you did. Each and every one of them. Don't have too much fun now.

I finally used some stamps from TAC for my son's birthday card :-)

Michelle said...

Oh, Val, all these projects are ADORABLE!!! I especially love the spiders ~~ too cute ~~ wish I'd seen them sooner, I would have made them for my kids classes. Nope, I'm not crazy enough to try to get 46 of them done now, lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Valerie I LOVE Halloween so I have loved these ideas, thanks so much for sharing! In the spirit of that I have something to share with you on my blog, so hop over and get it!