Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Angel Company Appreciation Party

This last Sunday I had an appreciation party for my circle of angels to thank them for joining the club. Last month was the last month for the club. I had food, games, prizes & gifts for all of them and we had LOTS of fun!!!
These are the little goodies that I made for them. The first picture...I made sunflower pens, second picture are mini comp journals and the third picture are sunflower pins. As you can tell I tried my best to go with a sunflower theme since it is fall and all the pretty sunflowers are out EVERYWHERE!

Here are the make n' takes that they all got to do. The first picture is the coaster boxes they made and the two others are cards.

Oh and I almost forgot to share with you all the cards the circle girls made. At the end of the party I had a contest for them to make a card with all the supplies that were on the table (from all the other projects). They freaked thinking ok...I come here to learn how to make cards now I'm on the spot to make one all by myself and no help??? HAHA! I wanted to show them that they can really do it on their own and they did!!! Check them out...they all did a WONDERFUL job don't ya think?


The6ofusinca said...

OMG! How cuuuuute~~~ how fun Val!!!!
You made it all look so fun!
Their lucky to have you as a host! hmp!- Im jealous!

Jenn Muraoka said...

Wow, what a cool idea!!! You're such an inspirational crafter. You always seem to try and bring out the inner craftiness in your peers! They must adore you for the cheerleading you do for them.

Annapurna said...

Everything you made is so beautiful! I wish I was in your club :0) to be appreciated like that.

malieta said...

Your sunflower party theme really rocks Valerie! The pens and journal are awesome and the make and takes are fab!!!