Thursday, August 07, 2008

Stress Free Thursday & Stamping w/Trish!

YAY! another fun stress free Thursday stamping w/Trish. It was funny today because me and Trish were trying to think of a title we can use for our posts on Thursday since we get together just about every Thursday to stamp and then I post what we made together. I just LOVE that she spends her days off to come and stamp with me and we make the cutest little projects.

Today we made the cutest little 3x3 boxes and some cards to match...of course we got the idea and the tutorial from the AMAZING, MOST INSPIRING chic I know...Jennifer! Here is the link to the box she made along with the tutorial on how to make this adorable box w/cards

Here are the cards I made to put inside the box..I know a few more cards will fit in the box so I may make some more later.

Here is Trish's box with the cards she made...she didn't get to finish them because she couldn't stay as long as she usually does because she had dinner plans. I got to take a picture of her finished little box and half done cards. She said she wanted to add rub ons and some other things to the cards. I just love her little box she used the new scallop punch and made scallops on the sides of her lid which I didn't get a pic of but it was REALLY cute!

Updated 8/11/09 - with Trish's finished cards.


Jennifer Muraoka said...

Ahhhh! ***Gasp~Blush~Blush*** How sweet and kind you are! Well, it truly goes both ways! You know that I admire and adore you and your work as well. I feel like I'm friends with a ROCK star with you. heehee. Well these came out amazing! So pretty. Ummmm, so much WORK! Are you kidding me!? Every card is different?! Jeepers creepers! Absolutely stunning. Did I say beautiful? No? Well then it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I can't get over how much work went into the designs. You Rock girl. That's why you're my ROCK star friend. Teehee! Hugs, Jenn

Annapurna said...

These are awesome. Great idea to make a box and put some cards in there. Makes a nice gift too.

I told you this before and telling you again now. You are one lucky gal to have a crafting friend that can actually come and craft with you.

I have a crafting friend too, but she thinks she will become a bad mother if she spends a little time with friends :-(

Trish said...

Valerie is right . . . Thursdays are our Stress-Free days . . . it is so much fun sitting with her and stamping away! She is so creative and has a wealth of information (not to mention all the cool toys she has). I consider myself blessed indeed!
Thanks Valerie! You're the BESTEST!

Michelle said...

How fun that you get to stamp together every week!!! I always love your projects, you always do fun stuff!! Love this set, the cards are adorable & the boxes rock!!!!

My Paper World said...

You girlies are sooooooo lucky!
I'd love to come and play too!
Thanks for sharing the fun stuff that you too do!
Hugs! xx

Kimberly said...

WOW! Fantastic cards! love the box too!