Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Vegas Baby!

April 26th I left to Vegas to met Blake...the other girls that were suppose to go had an emergency and couldn't make it.

I got to Vegas around 2ish...met Blake down by the luggage and we headed out for our sweet escape! We had sooo much fun and I just love this girl to death. We are alike in SO many ways shes just awesome!

I am not gonna write about the WHOLE trip just note some of the things that we did was...

* went to In & Out Burger (MmmmMmM so GOOD!)
*got pedicures and manicures
*Palms hotel...shopped at Hart & Huntington, Playboy store, got to go into the Playboy club (a bunch of girls were standing around really upset because Rain (night club) was closed so some guy that worked at the hotel came by and asked them if they wanted to go into the Playboy club on the 52nd floor..so we followed!!! It was so awesome! We met and took a pic with one of the Playboy bunny.
*ate krispy kreams
*went to bed around 4-5 am every night.

*swam in the swimming pool
*ate at In & Out Burger
*got in a car accident (a drunk driver hit us)
*shopped at Pebbles in my Pocket (scrapbook store)
*ate ice cream at Cold Stone
*went to the show "Thunder from Down Under"
*had a margarita by the yard

*Mirage to met one of Blakes friend & see the dolphins and white tigers
*Hard Rock Casino
*ate lunch at Johnny Rockets
*got a tattoo & met Debra
*got in the taxi headed over to Ceasers Hotel to Pure night club

*Headed to the border (Taco Bell) haha!
*shopped at Michaels Craft Store (new Martha Stewart line out today)
*Joann's Craft Store
*M&M World
*Coyote Ugly (dont go on Sundays it sucks!) at least it did when we went haha!
*In and Out Burger one last time :(

*got up and got ready
*Blake dropped me off at the Airport and we said out bye byes It was sad :(
*got home on the 30th at around

This was such an awesome Vacation and with such a great person to spend it with. Here are a few random pics from the trip...


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harleyangel said...

awwwwww I love ya girlie!! This was the best vacation :) I miss you so much!!!!!!